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Got a question? Call us at 1-844-760-7WTP

Tiffen 37mm Digital Enhancing Filter Kit


Tiffen optical filters are more important than ever before when shooting with your digital camera. Preview the effect you'll get when it matters most - when you're behind the camera. Save time and frustration in post production - see the effect immediately!


  • Digital Ultra Clear - The ultimate protection filter for your digital camera made from the purest quality optical glass.
  • Circular Polarizer - Essential outdoor filter. Produces deeper blueskies and minimizes reflections. Color saturation is significantly improved.
  • Enhancing Filter - Makes reds, rust browns and oranges "POP" with minimal effect on other colors. Combine with the Circular Polarizer for dramatic effects.
  • 812 Warming Filter - Exclusive Tiffen filter adds warmth to pale, washed out flesh tones. Ideal for portraits and scenics.