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Got a question? Call us at 1-844-760-7WTP
Got a question? Call us at 1-844-760-7WTP

Our Story

My name is Kelly S. Hargadon, and I am the owner of WTP. This is my story...

I am a fourth generation Florida native born in the year 1970, and even though I do not have a vivid or even vague recollection of these events, I am pretty sure I learned to swim first, then walk. Apparently, people would repeatedly gasp when I would jump off the big diving board into the deep end of the pool at the condominium, and my Mom never moved an inch. Well yes, I was her fourth child, but it was more because she knew she didn’t have to. I was told that typically I repeated that very same jump more than 100 times a day.

Oh, did I forget to mention I was maybe 3 years old?

My parents were super, EXTRAordinary and amazing people. That is genuinely accurate in this case, not just a description to be nice. I have always been proud to say they created me. My Father was an incredible man who shared his love of and passion for the ocean and water with us. He was a champion high diver in high school and a Captain in the Navy. Growing up my Father took us boating, fishing, camping, skiing, sailing; he taught us how to navigate the channels, read nautical charts, predict the forecast by watching the clouds, tie all types of knots, nautical terminology … anything and everything he could possibly think of passing on to us, he took the time and effort to teach us … all of us … he always considered us all his children including his stepchildren, my cousins, my neighbors, my friends, my siblings’ friends, etc. Occasionally he would pick up people hitch-hiking on the highway and bring them home to stay with us, and even they would learn something cool while they were there. Most people need to learn about you, your personality and your habits and trends before they let themselves trust you, but not my Father … he always trusted first.

For as long as I can remember we have had photographs and sculptures of whales and whale tails all over the place at home and in my Dad’s office. He often gave them to us as gifts to remind us of what we were capable of. In general, the Maori, natives of New Zealand, believe that the whale's tail symbolizes speed, strength, protection and the bond between animal and man. The symbolism was obviously important to my Dad, and he made an effort to educate us about the power and intelligence of whales. The respect and admiration he showed for these creatures always impressed me. This man was known basically around the world for his infamous “lectures” … I think the communication skills of whales always fascinated him, as it would anyone really. Honestly, everything about them is fascinating. We won’t overload this section with fun whale facts, but I leave you with this one:  whales are mammals that cannot survive on land, even though they originated there.

Photography was another passion of my Dad’s, and he taught us everything he could about it as well. The first thing I wanted to be was a National Geographic photographer. To me, animals are awe-inspiring and to capture their mystery and beauty in time . . . Priceless.

Having worked as a neurological rehabilitation specialist in a brain injury rehabilitation center, I have a deep appreciation for all types of communication. In fact, we often use picture boards to tell us their needs due to the loss of verbal language skills from their injury. My grandmother was a speech therapist from 1949-1974 at “The Crippled Children’s Society and Rehabilitation Center for Children and Adults, Inc.” in Palm Beach, Florida. I followed in her footsteps instead of taking the real estate path with the rest of my immediate family. However, I always wanted to do something with my love of photography and writing. In 2017 I resigned from my rehabilitation career and began to put some life into my Whale Tail Productions dream. In my experience, photography and videography are capable of transporting us. That is one of the many things about them that fascinates me. That, and the fact that it can mean a million different things to each individual that interprets it.

At Whale Tail Productions we want to celebrate photography and videography with everyone who wants to be in the game. Our elite team carefully selects our products to enhance the quality and control of each and every shot you take. Whether you are professionals, hobbyists, or novices … and it’s the kids’ birthday party or an Oscar-nominated film, we want to help you get the results you are looking for.

Let Whale Tail Productions, LLC set you up for success!

With gratitude,